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Sump Pump Maintenance Raleigh

It is often recommended that you do not clean the sump pump yourself but leave that task to someone who is qualified.

However, you can pour white vinegar through the unit which will help eliminate any build-up in the system.

Sump pumps have screens or openings where the water enters the pump. These sometimes get clogged and require cleaning by a professional.

 Some manufacturers recommend the sump pump be run and tested every two to three months and others recommend that a yearly cleaning program be completed before the rainy season hits.

If you follow the maintenance guide given by the manufacturer, your sump pump should last a very long time.


Below are some tips regarding sump pump maintenance:


fill the sump pit with water to make sure the pump is working properly.

go outside to check that the pump is actually discharging water (sometimes the pump will run but it won’t pump any water out).

check that the operation of the float is not restricted.

clean the air hole in the discharge line.

listen for any strange noises coming from the motor.

replace the battery on the back-up sump pump every second or third year.




Sump tanks and sump pumps must be maintained. Typical recommendations suggest examining equipment every year. Pumps running frequently due to higher water table, water drainage, or weather conditions should be examined more frequently.


Sump pumps, being highly mechanical, will fail eventually, which could lead to a flooded basement and costly repairs. Redundancy in the system (multiple/secondary pumps) can help to avoid problems when maintenance and repairs are needed on the primary system.


When examining a sump pump and cleaning it, dirt, gravel, sand, and other debris should be removed to increase efficiency and extend the life of the pump. These obstructions can also decrease the pump's ability to drain the sump, and can allow the sump to overflow.


The check valve can also jam from the debris. Examine the discharge line opening, when applicable, to ensure there are no obstructions in the line. Even a partially obstructed discharge line can force a sump pump to work harder and increase its chance of overheating and failure


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