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Sump pump Selection

Reading a Pump Curve

A pump curve tells you the flow performance (measured in gallons per minute or liters per minute) of a pump relative to the head pressure.

To read a pump curve, you must first examine the units of measurement used along each of the displayed axes.

The pictured pump curve displays head pressure in Feet (along the left-side y-axis) and in Meters (along the right-side y-axis). Increased head pressure is indicated as you travel up the y-axis.

The flow performance is indicated in gallons per minute (along the lower x-axis) and liters per minute (along the upper x-axis). This is an indication of the output flow of a pump.

The pump curve is read by first determining the head pressure of the application in which the pump will be used.

Once you’ve determined your head pressure, simply follow the head value you have selected from the y-axis horizontally to where it intersects with the pump curve line. From that point, move vertically to the flow measurement on the x-axis.

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